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Many years ago, a law was passed requiring districts to provide a continuation program in districts with a high school enrollment over 100 students. In response, Lincoln Unified Continuation High School was started in November 1966 with teacher Mrs. Mary Ann Behrens teaching a few students in a room at Tully C. Knoles. Mr. George Janicula served as principal while also serving as head counselor at Lincoln High.
Jonathan Pearce became the second principal the following year and a second teacher, Mrs. Marilyn Comfort, was added to the staff. The school was moved to a single portable on the Lincoln Senior Elementary campus in 1968. Two additional teachers joined the staff and Continuation was made up of three teachers and one teacher/principal, Mr. Frank Baldwin. During the 1973-1974 school year a fifth teacher, Mrs. Mary Zerrien, was added to the staff.
That summer it was decided that the name, location, and principal of Lincoln Continuation High School would be changed. Mr. Dick Gaedtke became the principal and the school was moved to its present location at the corner of Harrisburg and McClellan. By unanimous vote the school was renamed Sture Larsson High School after one of Lincoln Unified's most respected principals, Sture Larsson, who had died years earlier after serving as principal of three of Lincoln Unified's schools.
Sture Larsson High School remains at this location, serving 100 students with six full-time teachers, three part-time paraprofessionals, a staff secretary, and a counselor and principal shared with the McCandless Center. After 28 years, Larsson was completely remodeled during the 2002 - 2003 school year.
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